writing journalDid you ever feel led to step out of your comfort zone?,  move in a new direction?, maybe feel challenged to try something new?

I think there is value in stepping out of your comfort zone and moving into new challenges.  So far, this year seems to be full of new ideas, as well as new visions, dreams and goals!  We are well into January, and already, my journal is filling up fast ….. this is good!  Maybe your January and journal looks similar.

Coming up to this year, I was challenged to do something new, something different than I had ever done before… to be honest, it scared me!                                                             Though the excitement of writing a blog filled me up, I was nervous.  Thoughts flooded me for months as I started preparing.  Thoughts like “you can’t write”,  “you’re a bad speller”, and “you can’t even use a computer properly” …. thoughts that were  not very encouraging!    But still, I felt challenged!  and I remember being told that people won’t grow, unless we make changes in our life. Sometimes it takes courage to make changes, and when you’re a busy mom, with growing kids, change is constant. The bible says    “I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”  Isaiah 41:10 ….. now THAT”S encouraging!

Some big changes happened last year that allowed not only me, but our whole family to grow …. literally!  We had our fourth baby, started home schooling and moved houses, all at the same time. Through all that…. I grew!   and I am thankful for these changes, without changes, life would be boring. And life in my home, is certainly NOT boring!  As my family grows,  I am humble and learning with excitement, and I plan on filling this blog with all things that Homemakers and moms love, because that’s who I am, and I love everything about it!   I take delight in my family and my home, and like many of you, want to do the best for them.  That’s why this verse is so awesome   “A wise woman builds her house;  a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands” Prov 14:1
As we grow and learn, let’s  pray that we are wise and ‘build our house’.

People often ask me questions like ‘ how do you do that?’,   ‘what’s your advice on this?’,  ‘ why do you home school?’, ‘ how do you have such a great marriage?’,   and so on.  So, I decided I’d like to share my thoughts on these  things  through a blog.  I am no where near knowing it all, but I do have a passion for family and encouraging others in the same boat, because it’s the best time of our lives!.

So please stay tuned for  encouragement, laughs, connections, and of course some great recipes (because baking is my best hobby!)  and more as I write from my heart and my home. My hope is that you grab a coffee each week, bookmark my blog in anticipation of reading   something that will make you smile right from my home to yours.  God bless!

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