Dating my children

I have the privilege of raising four beautiful children.  We  have two girls,  Emma, age 7 and Sophia, age 5,  and then two boys Harrison, age 2 1/2,  and Isaac 7months.

I have always wanted my children to have a close and wonderful relationship with their father and me, and we’ve tried to set that standard early on in their lives. Lately, my girls make their desire known on a weekly basis to spend quality time with me as their mom alone.   As a  home school mom, I need to make sure I switch gears during this time from a ‘teacher’, to someone who has the responsibility for shaping their hearts and lives.

MY deep desire is to also spend that quality time with each one of them,  letting them know how much they are loved and how special they are.  Instilling in them that they can talk to mom or dad about anything and to build them up about the great call God has on each of their lives!

One of the exciting things I’ve been doing this year,  is taking my girls on dates!     I plan a small date with each girl every week.  They look forward with anticipation  for this.  They choose the place,  and we go out to spend some  one on one time together.  It’s so precious.                                                                                                                               The girls get so excited about this time, and what we are going to talk about.  I look forward to hearing what they each have to say.  It’s my time to just sit and listen to their hearts and thoughts.   I love hearing a little person speak with such faith like dreams!  Mind you,   there are times when I don’t get a word in edge wise, but that’s ok,  just sitting back watching them is a blessing to me!

Our times lately have consisted of a trip to Starbucks looking at each other and sipping a hot chocolate  (they seem so grown up in there).   We chat about what is important in a 5 yr old and 7 yr old’s world.  You know,  how they brushed their new dolls hair,  the new moves they learned at dance, or the new spelling words they now have memorized.   I love how I learn more about them as individuals  each time.

Last week, as Sophia was sipping her hot chocolate with a milky mustache ,   I asked her what is bringing her joy in her life right now, and her response was  ” Mommy,  I love that you home school us and I love going to our church”.  I give her a big smile, and thank God for this quality time with her.

As we leave to come home,  they always give me a big hug and say thank you.  Each girl looks forward to the next week when  we get to do it all over again!, and of course daddy has his turn for dates too, father/daughter time is vitally important…. but that’s a whole other blog!.  I look forward to the day (very soon)  when I get to take my boys out on the date of their choice.  It’s exciting to learn about your children, and they will never forget this precious time we spend with them when they are young.  So, take your little ones on dates!  hold their hand, look into their eyes, and let them tell you something exciting.  It might just be the best ‘coffee’ time you ever had.

Here is a picture of my girls enjoying a drink as I took them on a ‘double date’.

dating daughters

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