Waiting…. Isaac:part 2

Though one week seemed like months, we got through this hard week of waiting for Isaac’s heart results.  As a mom, just preparing for Wednesday was hard, and it seemed like each day we noticed something in Isaac  that was  showing signs of a heart condition, but we did it.

At some point through each day, the Lord didn’t stop to encourage me through scripture,prayer and friends! I am a blessed woman to have such awesome support and love around me. I have learned to wait on the Lord, and He never fails to give us hope no matter what we are going through. The day before Isaac went for the sedated heart echo, I read this beautiful verse …..

Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart,
All you who hope in the Lord.    Psalm 31:24

Wow!  could that have been even more timely?  I was so strengthened by that verse, I read it to my family, I told it to people around me, and I put it up on my fridge!.                       I knew that no matter what report we got on Wednesday night, God would give us the courage, and HE was going to strengthen Isaac’s heart!    what a peace that flooded over me. It’s amazing what  perfect words and answers come to you when you set that time aside to spend time with Jesus.

Wednesday came and I was up bright and early. Naturally speaking as a mom, my stomach was nervous, simply because no one likes to see an infant get a needle, an IV, and be put under.  But, with that being said, I had a peace that went with me, and I had a verse to hold onto!                          The procedure was done, and after an hour, the cardiologist explained everything to us.

We received good news!!  The flaps on Isaac’s pulmonary valve are fused together slightly, which they classified as mild (this is awesome considering I was told it could be worse, and different methods of repair might have to be done).  Relief came over us knowing we won’t have to go to the specialist every two months.  They did discover however, his pulmonary artery quite inflamed or dilated.  This is putting some pressure on his trachea and explains why he chokes and coughs a lot.  We will be getting this looked into, and now we know how to specifically pray.

So, as it stands, Isaac is thriving and just a sweet joy to have around!  I know that in time, Isaac will be COMPLETELY healed, and grow up to be a blessing to many!   God has already given my husband and I a great vision for Isaac, and we hold on to that vision and the words He continually gives us. So hold on to every word God gives you, wait on the Lord and TRUST in Him!  For He never fails.


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