Waiting….. Isaac, part 3

You would never know! ….. you would never know that this cute little guy had an issue with his heart. He’s spunky, he’s funny, he’s growing, he’s fast, and he’s such a blessing!.


But, there I was again, at the hospital, ready to see another doctor.  Waiting in the seating area with Isaac as he cooed and smiled at me. He has no idea that these multiple doctors are continuing to investigate in his heart, he just sees his mommy taking care of him and smiling back at his sweet sounds.

At this point, they are looking at his pulmonary artery.  From the sedated ultrasound in February, they saw that his pulmonary artery was dilated and swollen, and basically couldn’t  explain why.  It showed that because it was swollen, it was putting pressure on the trachea…. which explains why he has frequent choking spells.

He has choked from day 1,  a feeling of helplessness comes over me when I see him struggling for air and turning color!  There is usually no reason why it happens, but we are starting to put some pieces together. Sometime in April, Isaac now has to go for a sedated  bioscopy, which will help determine how much pressure is on his trachea. NOT FUN!.  It’s horrible seeing your baby be put under, but I choose to not be anxious about this, or sit in worry.

A few years ago, as I had my 1st son,  I had a great vision of this generation of boys growing up to be a mighty generation of men serving the Lord fervently!  This was an exciting and powerful thought I kept in my heart, and I continued to pray for this, even as more baby boys were born around me, including our Isaac!.  I am not going to let this burden me, but instead I will do the opposite and I will rise up and pray harder for my boy!!

As I sat with some of my closest friends one night at our leadership meeting, we started talking about the several medical tests that are coming up for each one of our sons….. this did not sit right with me, we are moms and women who are going somewhere and striving to do great things for God!  we are not to be distracted and burdened by medical reports for our young children to try and throw us off.  The bible says…….                                       “For I am the Lord your God, who takes hold of your right hand, and says, do not fear;  I am the one who helps you”    Isaiah 41: 13                                                                                   And….                                                                                                                                      “Lift up your hands to Him, for the lives of your children”    Lamentations 3:27

So, as I am waiting…… I wait on Him.   I also put my trust ONLY in Him,  for the reports I am about to hear, and also for the precious ones around me!  I will lift my hands, and go down to my knees for my children and my friends children!  This is the next generation, and army for God, that we are raising.  I believe as praying moms, nothing will stop these mighty little men toward the plan God has for them.

More to come after Isaac’s next test .                                                                                   Blessings!

Isaac 2

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