Waiting No More! ….. Isaac, Part 4

I will never get tired of this feeling. The strange, overwhelming and Amazing feeling that comes over you when you KNOW that God has answered a specific prayer!.

When I found out that Isaac had to have a bronchoscopy, I felt  burdened, and a little weary…..I didn’t want him to have another procedure done. I wanted this whole season to be done!

So, I rose up like a mom should, and prayed harder!  God cares!  He cares if your child has a cold, and He cares if your child has a heart problem . He cares about the little and the big things.

Three weeks ago, I felt this overwhelming feeling that Isaac was getting better …. as we spoke! As a few days passed, I realized that He wasn’t choking as often.  Joy filled me. That feeling was the assurance of knowing that God was healing him!

I remembered the verse He gave me that I wrote about in part 2 ….

Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart,
All you who hope in the Lord.    Psalm 31:24

No matter what trials we go through, we all need to learn HOW to get through them.  There has been many trials in my life, but each one taught me a new thing, and through each one  I learned how to fight. And with each one …. I grew.

Troubled times can build us, and make us better,…. but, we have to be willing to fight.  Jesus said, “Here on earth, you will have many trials and sorrow. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33

Believing in verses like this has been what has strengthened my husband and I through any rough season we have been through. We didn’t just coast through, or sit back and sulk. We chose to rise up in faith and believe what our BIG God says! We stood on His promises, and walked in faith.

Isaac is now a lively little blessing.  I can look at him and believe that God is touching even the most inner parts of his body without worry.  He does have  heart valve stenosis , and will have to be monitored for life  (and I will take monitoring over surgery any day!)….. but that doesn’t mean that God still can’t completely heal him.

waking upThis is Isaac as he was just waking up from anesthetic …. a little groggy!  He made friends with many nurses that day. They just wanted to ‘scoop him up!’

Life will have troubles …. it’s a given. What I do in these times and how I react, is key in how my future will play out.  The next time life throws you a curve, use it as a time to grow and learn. You are NEVER alone! and when you get through it, you will be amazed what happens in your heart!


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