How fast are YOU going?

Some days,  I will wake up and start my day as usual.  Before I know it, my husband is coming home and it’s dinner time!

I think to myself ….. ‘where did that day go?’.

Or, I look  at my week ahead, and there isn’t a lot of ‘breathing room’ …. sound familiar?

Am I the only one who has days like these? days that are blurred and have sped by? I think we all have times like this, wishing we were a turtle, taking our time and going at a nice slllooooww pace.


I know that part of this feeling for me, is that I am a busy, home schooling mom of four children ages 7 and under.  But I did (and still do) have to take a step back and look at my priorities. For my family’s sake, I have to SLOW DOWN.

I realized I was rushing my kids, and packing my days, and not taking the time to enjoy these seasons of my life. Exactly what I didn’t want to do!  I didn’t want to have these precious days pass me by, and not have anything to show for it, just business.

“Be still, and know that I am God!”   Psalm 46:10

What a beautiful and calm verse this is….. and so true.  Sometimes we just have to hand it all over to Him and know that He is in control. Life is busy! and because if that, time can go very quickly, and pass us by. A sad thought when we really think of it.

Everything seems to be FAST these days ….. fast food, fast service, fast technology….    I even saw a drive-thru for prescription drugs the other day!  what ever happened to good old face to face conversations, or sit down meals and truly talking with the family?  It seems that many of us are constantly ‘running’, but not getting very far other than tired.


The most important running I want to do, is run the race for Christ    2 Tim 4: 7.

I’m not saying that I have a perfect schedule or live a calm and easy going lifestyle everyday.  I do know that I am in the process of learning and prioritizing in order to peacefully raise my family while purposefully living for God.

If you find your life a little fast right now ….. try these:

  • Make a schedule (and cut things out if need be)
  • Prioritize what’s best for you and your family
  • Sit a little longer at the dinner table together
  • Hug your child a little longer
  • Read that “one more book” before bedtime
  • Say NO sometimes
  • Plan a ‘nothing’ day or evening

It’s a good thing to slow down, prioritize, and enjoy. Know your purpose and vision, and live your days around that. Don’t be busy for the sake of being busy!. You will never have these days again.

3 thoughts on “How fast are YOU going?

  1. Beautiful thoughts! I definitely have those kinds of days, but Emilia has taught me to slow down! The house is definitely not clean and sometimes we have to get take out for dinner, but it’s only because I’ve spent the day in my pj’s playing with my daughter, blowing kisses on her tummy and tickling her feet….she’s 6 months already and I feel the time slipping away. Soon enough I will be back to work and I’ll long for these moments again!

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