One Treasured moment

Call me odd, but I have never got excited to go on vacation! …. especially with the children.

Packing up four young children, packing food, suitcases, long traveling, car sickness, and nursing the baby on the road, um…. not fun!.  And then …. unloading, unpacking, laundry, and then getting everything back on schedule. Just  A LOT of work.

This was my thinking until last week.

This year, we were blessed by friends with a week away at a cottage!  I was excited, but hesitant.

It started off the way I have usually thought of it.  A little chaos, a little stress, but once we were on the road, I felt good. I can do this!

Is anyone with me on this?

That evening, at this sweet little cottage, we all decided to drop everything, watch the sunset and play on the beach.  It was the most perfect night. Beautiful sunset, right temperature and a cool breeze.  As we looked around, there was not one single other person on that beach, it was like we were the only people in the world. A calm serene came over me.


My husband and I set up beach chairs in the sand, and simply sat hand in hand as we watch our children’s silhouette’s play by the water. The children were simply happy to shovel sand into a bucket, and then dump it.

I looked at my husband, thanked God for my family, and embraced this time.

All the hard work of packing up a young family of four kids was ALL worth it in that moment.  We knew this was a memory we would remember forever.

The rest of the week was just as satisfying ….. bon fires, walks, games, and a slow pace.  I now realize the importance of a family vacation! Even if it takes a bit of work to get us to that point.

Don’t let a year go by without planning a family get away! And of course another time for you and your spouse to have your own special one on one time!  (this happens for us in November!  YAY)

Here’s just a few reasons this time is Important:

  • It Creates lasting memories
  •  You experience new things together
  • It connects you as a family
  • Provides needed unwind time and rest
  • It gives you the opportunity to teach your kids about saving (for the trip that is)

So take a trip! Go somewhere. Enjoy those treasured moments!


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