Homeschool – Year in Review

June Already?……Wow

Mixed emotions filled me last September, I was a little nervous and apprehensive, yet very excited all at the same time!

It was 10 months ago that I was gearing up for my first full year of homeschooling my kids.  What a year it has been! filled with ups, and downs, trials and achievements. But overall, we have had such a successful year!

Yes, I look back and think  ‘why was I even nervous?’.  I believe that as I was teaching my  children to memorize the word of God, I was also getting verses deep in my heart, to build me up and strengthen me. Like Jeremiah 1:9

Jer 1 9

Even  though the winter seemed long, and we adjusted to a new baby, while trying to potty train my 3rd boy was a tad difficult, the year was a HUGE success. I am not saying it was easy everyday, but we got through, thanks to God’s grace!

It brings tears to my eyes  (I know, I’m cheesy)  when I think that my daughter Sophia was not reading last September, and by January ….. SHE WAS!  And she is continuing to do  fantastic.  Having my children read books, verses in the bible, and instructions TO ME, is such a blessing. It’s amazing to think that I was a part of that.

sophia reading

So, I wanted to share some of our homeschool year in review!!

We set up our school room, organized and went on field trips. Places like Frotogo Orchards, Royal Botanical Gardens and many parks and country walks.

school room


We studied the growth of a tree, learned about world holidays and celebrations, and did a three week Animal Classification Unit!  Super fun!


This was so interesting for each child!  They did so much exploring, and fact finding. It really grabbed their attention.  The library has been our second classroom.

The kids and I have also been working on one of my favorite subjects…. geography. I used something called “around the world in 60 days” by Thriving Family. We are learning about 25 different places all over the world, filled with interesting information, activities, and bible verses. The kids even made passports!


We fill our mornings with character study, devotions, language arts, social studies and of course …. Math!  The girls have really enjoyed the ‘Math U See’ curriculum. I’ve watched them thrive in it this past year.


workingWe loved getting together with other homeschool families for fun activities. The girls always wanted their friend Hannah over for one of my favorites…. Baking class!


And so, the fun and learning continues!.  Our family has been blessed to be hands on and involved in our children’s education.  A passion and excitement has stirred up in me to learn and be involved in this amazing journey of homeschooling!

Whatever it may be that’s causing you to be nervous or apprehensive, KNOW that God is strengthening you will guide you as you obey and follow His call!

Hebrews 13:6   “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.
    What can mere men do to me?”

Philippians 4:13  ” I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”


6 thoughts on “Homeschool – Year in Review

  1. I think you guys have done an amazing job this year in your first year of homeschooling! I can see even by the number of young moms who are interested in following in your footsteps, how God has gifted you in this area to be an encourager to other newbie homeschooling Mamas 🙂

  2. It sounds like a wonderful year! Your enthusiasm shines through in this post. It is very exciting to work alongside our children and be able to look back and see how they’ve learned and grown. Enjoy your summer, and the start of a new school year this fall!

  3. Thanks for giving us a peek into your year of homeschooling, Kaitlyn! It looks like it was so much fun, but I’m certain there was lots of hard work along the way for you and the kiddos. What an amazing thing that you were a part of your daughter reading–scripture, no less! That’s got to be so satisfying. I tried to homeschool my oldest son when he was little, but we only made it through one year! I just didn’t have the discipline needed nor the support from a homeschooling network. But I always admire those who do it and do it with more than one child to boot! Such an accomplishment! Thanks so much for joining the Wedded Wed link up too. I hope to see you back again next week, my friend!

  4. Wonderful read Kaitlyn, and so inspiring.
    I so admire anybody who takes on the challenge of homeschooling. Do you make a lot of use of networking with other families, who may have other skills and expertises, compared to your own?
    I guess as your children get older and have more advanced educational needs, the resources that other families may possess will become increasingly important to you and them.

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