Let The Little Children Tithe!

The idea popped in our minds a few months ago.

The children wanted to hold a small fundraiser.  “Well, what did you want to raise money for?”  I asked. ……..   “New school books!”.  You could see the wheels turning in each girls head.

That was easy!  Spelling, grammar, and writing books it was.

They decided to have a ‘snack and drink sale’. A bit fancier than just a lemonade stand. I immediately thought that this would be a great opportunity to continue to teach them about tithing and offerings. The girls are used to tithing on their ‘small’ allowance, but this would be working with a bit more money. Perfect!.

Teaching your children about money, especially when they are young, plants an amazing seed in their minds about the importance of using it properly. Having children learn and know the  ‘first fruits’ of what they get goes to God, not only teaches them to be selfless, but also plants the principle that everything is the  Lords, and we give to Him first!.

Honor the Lord with your wealth
and with the first fruits of everything you produce.     Proverbs 3 : 9

So, we picked a date, and the girls began to make signs for the sale. They worked hard in helping me make and wrap  the snacks, which included rice krispie squares, chocolate oat cookies and skor cookies (donated by a good friend, wink wink!)


The morning came with such excitement (for a 5 and 7 yr old that is).  And the set up started. Table, signs, lemonade and treats were all put out.

set up

What a great morning as neighbors and friends came over to support this little project!  The girls were glowing as they served treats and poured drinks. Having conversations with customers and ‘special guests’!  as well as looking after their station.



After it was all finished, we couldn’t wait to find out how much we earned in total.  We brought the money box in and dumped it on the table and started sorting and counting.


It was amazing the amount of money they brought in from just a snack and drink sale! …. Must have been the ‘nice tips’ the girls received!.  Needless to say, we earned enough for some new language books, and the girls were blessed to hand in their tithe that weekend at church.

It’s awesome  seeing young ones learn and apply God’s truth to their lives!  looking forward to many more experiences like this.

4 thoughts on “Let The Little Children Tithe!

  1. I think it is a great idea to teach children to tithe. We were never taught to, so as an adult it seems harder to do (especially when money is tight!). I love that the girls were anxious to earn money for school books 🙂

  2. Hey cool…you must be Canadian. Just found your blog and was enjoying reading through. I don’t find many Christian and Canadian homemaking blogs….wonderful. I will bookmark your blog to read back through.

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