Math You Say……. Or See

When you see a little mind working in a way that you KNOW they are learning, It is mind blowing as a parent!

I was thrilled last year, when I watched my 4/5 year old learn how to add and subtract, and then finish that math book and move on to her next.

Many homeschoolers use different curriculum, as I found out recently at my wonderful homeschool group meeting. There is definitely a wide variety out there.

Throughout the last year, I have had many people ask me what I am using for our kids math curriculum. So I thought I would save a few conversations, and post about the curriculum we use.

We use Math-U-See

math u see

We have used this for two years now, and found that it has really worked for our kids. It’s a neat concept really – using coloured manipulative blocks, with hands on experience to figure out math and word problems.


There has never been a ‘struggle’ or battle to get them to do their math. We usually have math as our first subject of the day, and doing math with my children has honestly been a pleasant experience.

How Math U See works is simple,  each child has their own work books, teaching dvd’s and test books. Each new lesson (usually a week long) starts off with a teaching video explaining that lesson. After watching the video, the kids move on to several pages of their work books using the manipulative blocks to help them solve the questions.



Not every question or lesson requires the blocks, but they are there if they need them. I even sometimes encourage the girls not to use them, in order to use there mind in a different way.

After they finish their work pages, I print off a test and off they go!  hopefully earning a sticker for their goal sheet. Multiplication and fractions are not my strength, but this curriculum helps me teach them properly.

So far, our math experience has been great. I look forward to when the children are in higher levels, and seeing what their math holds. We might change our curriculum in the future, or we may not, but as a family we are enjoying Math U See right now.

math work

Whatever we teach our kids, whether it’s math, science or hospitality, I remind them that we do this for the glory of God!

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.  1 Cor 10:31

1 thought on “Math You Say……. Or See

  1. Thank you for the info! I just decided the other week to use this curriculum for most of my kids next year- my 9th grader isn’t very hands-on and wants to keep her current curriculum. My other,kids and I are excited to start it. Now I have an idea how it works. Thanks again!

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