Yes, I cried when we left.

Yes, I cried when we arrived there.

And yes, I had the thought ” how could I leave our children  for seven whole days!”.

But, I did.

I packed our suitcases, and my husband and I left on a plane for our first seven day trip to Cuba! A second honeymoon really (since it had been that long since our last big trip like this)

As much as I missed our children, let me tell you that this trip was the most relaxing, refreshing and most needed time with my husband, that I could have ever asked for.

We are a busy couple. I am a homeschool mom, my husband’s management job keeps him extremely busy, and we LOVE serving in our church. This week away, was exactly what we needed to refuel.

I almost feel embarrassed though that it took so long to have this break for us (12 yrs). Yes, we desired this trip many years ago, but we chose long ago to do things in a right way, that pleases God.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I are big on dates. We go on them often, and it’s our favourite thing to do. We’ve also done weekends away….. but not a whole week of REST.

Many years ago, we would have gone into debt to go on a trip like this. Many years ago, I don’t think we would have really appreciated the value and importance of this kind of time together. But this year, we saved our money, and through our busy lifestyle, we anticipated the refreshing rest we needed to experience as a couple.


It was a beautiful time of sleeping in, meeting God, working out, swimming and of course…….. eating!.  And may I say, those uninterrupted meal times, not having to feed anybody was a glorious thing.

Twelve years in, and I love my husband more now than I did when we got married. I know I don’t need a trip away to prove that, but thinking that we can spend almost every waking moment together for seven days, and still want to be together more, makes my heart leap.


I am passionate about marriages keeping their passion alive….. no matter how many years you’ve been married, or how many children you have.

In our marriage, we have an underlying rule that we need to continue to make our kids ‘blush’!.  Loving on each other through out the day, encouraging each other and reminding the kids that ‘WE’ came first, before they did.  Putting Christ first, and leading our family from there. The kids need to see this, and really…… it’s so much fun to do!.

I encourage every married couple to plan a long time of rest together. Even if it means waiting a while and saving your money like we did. It’s well worth it.

‘and the two are united into one. Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together’   Mark 10:8-9

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