Homeschool Unit Studies!

Were you ever excited for unit studies when you were young and in school?

Were they fun? ……..

Well, over here in our little homeschool neck of the woods, unit studies are going on full force! …… and they have definitely been  FUN!! The children are loving them, and all that they are learning.

In September, we learned about farms.

In October, we learned about food and nutrition.

In November, we learned about Canada and our provinces.

And now in January, we are learning about fish, and underwater life.  This has to be our most exciting one so far!

I’m not sure how many other mom’s (and dad’s) present, and do their unit studies, but I thought I would  share how we go about ours.

It’s pretty simple. The kids each picked out a fun binder from the dollar store. They labelled it and did a title page (title pages are always a big hit!).

In the binders, we sectioned each unit study – this year, we are having 7-8 units.  The kids spend time making their unique title pages, and working on many related activity sheets that we have printed off.

unit study

Next, we read, read, read!.  The kids and I are always at the library loading up on books we love, and especially ones related to our months study.


A lot of our learning comes from exploring, reading and discussing topics that the children bring up. They could ask very simple questions, but my husband and I will expand on it, and dig deeper for information (thank goodness for computers that we can go to at the drop of a hat!)

Out of our topics and studies, our family will always plan a field trip. I’m involved in an incredible homeschool group that will frequently have outings and trips throughout the year, but as a family, we like to go somewhere and learn together.

This past week our family traveled to Toronto to the new Ripley’s Aquarium. A big hit for everyone!.  Here are a few fun photos from the day


sword fish

We love to see the kids being hands on, and learning in different ways as they discover and have fun.

This is Sophia reaching down to touch a Horseshoe Crab!!  How fun!


The next school day, we discussed what we saw, and we filled their binders with interesting learning pages, word searches and art.

Who knew that stingrays, sword fish and goliath groupers could be so much fun!.

Whatever you are teaching your children, whether it be in a unit study, or any other subject, make it interesting, fun and a pleasure to learn.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.  1 Cor 10:31 

3 thoughts on “Homeschool Unit Studies!

  1. I am planning on homeschooling my twins, and I am thinking that units are totally the way to go! It’s more individualized learning! I hated units in school, but mostly because I didn’t get to pick, and it was all boring text books and lame projects.

    I’ve been doing a group preschool, and I love planning my lessons with a theme! It makes everything much easier I feel like! It’s encouraging to see how you’ve been doing it. Thanks so much.

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