Teaching Children Hospitality

We turned the page in our character book this morning, and found the next one to be Hospitality!  Hooray….. one of my favourite’s.


I am a homemaker who loves to keep my home, serve others and teach my children in the process. We pour into our character studies here as much as possible.   We try to actively ‘live out’ the characters with joy

Starting to teach your children the importance and lasting impact of  their character, will lead them into many area’s that will not only glorify God, but will bless them too. Building character in children also allows them to develop life skills ……. one thing many adolescents and teenagers these days are lacking in.

Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.  1 Pet 4:9

My husband and I desire our boys to grow up to be gentlemen who are leading by example, serving and blessing their wives and who are living a life strong for Jesus.  We hope and pray that our girls will be all they can be for God, serving their husbands and homes with a joyful spirit.

I thought I’d share with you what we did this week through hospitality!

It is always a joy when I get to see our children serving the Lord, even at such a young age. So, the examples I’m sharing are ones that we have been trying to demonstrate and teach them right from the beginning (not just for hospitality week).

– First, we practice on our own family members! Yes…. we sometimes do a little role play. For example,  the other day, all the kids helped me make dinner and set the table and clean our home. When Daddy came home, one child welcomed him, another child took his coat, and our other child set him comfortably at our table for dinner. We basically made a point of serving him first!

– Our children love to help out in the preparation process. They will help me make the meal, the dessert, or even the coffee. Children LOVE this, get them to come along side you and assist with the prep!

emma prep

– They love to set the table, put out napkins and will even tidy up with me. Part of the definition of hospitality is making your guests feel comfortable – we try our best to have a great atmosphere in the home.

– We regularly have guests over and love to have company!  If the people who are coming have children, we get our kids to welcome them, and take their coats. Prep them ahead of time to focus on the other children’s needs.

– When we serve the food, our kids will ask the guests first what they would like. The kids will then take that food to them. They will feel so important when they are the servers.

– We are training our children to not be rambunctious when we have company, but to be calm and use their manners.

– At the end of our visit, we always thank our guests for coming, and allow the kids to get their coats, and say goodbye.

By teaching children hospitality, it helps them to get their eyes off themselves, and focused  on others.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.  Heb 13:2

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