Raising The Bar

To my pleasure, I am now on my fourth time reading through an amazing book.

Many of you have probably read it.

But if not, can I suggest you read NO ORDINARY CHILD by Denise Mira!

No Ordinary Child web

It is a mind-changing, page turner. That, in my opinion, empowers parents to raise the bar in parenting their children without fear of what others think.

It’s blunt, it’s true, and it’s a great book!

Our children are called to make a great impact on our world as the next generation. So, why aren’t we ‘Believing for more‘ in regards to them?

Let us dare to believe God” she says. And I totally agree.

Denise talks about the need for a revolution at home.  For us as parents to break out of the sub-normal. To not settle for anything less than what God expects from our children

I think that’s why I love this book so much. It’s a very direct way to encourage parents to raise the bar in their homes and in their parenting. Encouraging our children to become leaders in the next generation.

Try it, and enjoy!



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