It’s Coming Fast!!

……… The 2014/2015 SCHOOL YEAR!



The excitement is rising in our home these days, as we prepare for the upcoming school year! ……. 25 days to go

Ok, not everyone in my home is as excited as I am. Well, alright, I might be the only one…. but my kids do always get a new burst of excitement a week or two before school starts – which is soon, so I have hope!

Many people often ask me how I do things, and what curriculum we use.  Today, as I am in the middle of preparing for school, I thought I would give you a sneak peak at what is in store for our homeschool year. (Here is another great homeschool blog to check out)

What mom doesn’t need an organizer? …… well this mom certainly does!  I just picked up my new organizer/calender the other day – ready to write up a storm.


Our new work books just arrived as well. It is like a birthday party here when they get delivered and we open them!.

work books


And we are re-decorating our school room!! This is the one thing I’m most excited for. We are doing a few really neat things to spruce it up here – don’t worry…… there will be a blog post on this process very soon.

There has been chart making, trip planning, web site searching, and much more going on.

Our main curriculum (for the girls, grades 2 and 4) consists of:

– Math U See

– Soaring With Spelling (The Learning House)

– Winning With Writing (The Learning House)

– Language A and 2 (A Beka)

– Handwriting skills (A Beka)

– Unit Studies each month which rotate through geography, Science and history.

– Physical activities which include swimming, dance, basketball etc…..

– Piano

On top of this we visit our library often (especially for our unit studies), incorporate book reports and the children are part of the maintenance and routines of our home – I am a strong believer of teaching kids ‘life skills’.

School supply shopping is in full effect! It’s neat to see the joy on a child’s face when they simply get a new pencil case, crayons or their own pair of scissors



school supplies

It’s so much fun preparing for our homeschool. Some may think I may get a little too excited, but I truly enjoy it and feel blessed to be able to do this for our children. It really is an honour, so I’m going to give it my best, be faithful with little, and keep the end in mind.





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