Homeschool Open House

We drove by the local school a while ago and saw a sign for ‘Parent – Teacher open House’.  The kids turned to me and said, “Mom, why can’t we have an open house”?

I said, “well….. why not?”.

So that’s exactly what we started working on.

This year, we started with our Grandparents, and next year we might add in a few more friends and family – the children were so excited!.

Being a homeschool family,I try my best to get out on field trips, the library and have visitors here as it fits with our schedule. This was perfect for our family to see how the kids are doing.

To my amazement, the children really took ownership of the whole day. We prepared signs, laid out every subject and made a simple, but nice lunch for our guests. They were so excited to show their grandparents all they have accomplished, and all that they are working on.

open house2

open house3


open house4

In September, we studied the Netherlands. The kids made a special project that they were able to present and explain to their grandparents – their faces were priceless.

dutch project


Not only did they have a fantastic time showing their grandparents around, they were able to show hospitality as well (one of the characters we work on)

I want to encourage any homeschool family to try and put on an open house (or ‘meet the teacher’) morning for any family or friends. It was so great to see the children put this together, and also for our family to see what we do here at school!.

What type of things are you doing in your homeschool ?

3 thoughts on “Homeschool Open House

  1. What a special memory for your family. We have organized “end of year” celebrations with several homeschool families we know. We usually reserve a meeting room in our library and invite family members to join us and see what the children have learned and accomplished. Just an idea to add to yours. Happy Homeschooling in 2015!

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