GUEST POST: He Carries Me

Honoured to share God’s faithfulness!! #iamloved


GUEST POST Written By Kaitlyn Regts

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am go-getter.  I love to mother our four children, I love to homeschool them, and love to serve in our church.  Serving, helping others and keeping active is a joy. I don’t usually slow down.

Three years ago,  two things happened.
I delivered our fourth child, and during that delivery I had a life threatening hemorrhage. One of the scariest times of my life. During their efforts to save me, my hip was damaged in the process. The next morning, the doctors came in and told me that they discovered that my new son was born with a heart condition – this lead to a three year trial of pain and discomfort for me, as well as some anxiousness and care for my son.

My once busy body, was indeed SLOWED DOWN.

Though I was so grateful…

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