The Kitchen Aid Mixer

Yes, this post is written about a small appliance.

But as you read on, you will realize that this is MUCH bigger than a basic small appliance for the kitchen, it’s about a small seed that started a BIG dream!.

It got me a little emotional. Not because it’s sad, but because I witnessed something in one of my children that not only made my heart happy, but showed an act of perseverance, dedication and determination!  And of course…… because I’m a sentimental sap.

For a few years now, I have seen my children start to grow in ways that show their own little personalities, interests and gifts. It’s been neat to see how my two daughters are starting to grow in their passions and desires.

I’ve always had the desire to feed into our childrens interests and dreams, assist in what they love to do, and their hopes for the future.  This past year, I was able to do a little bit of that!

My second daughter LOVES to bake. I mean, she LOVES it!  She watches tutorials, videos and takes classes in baking. Cupcakes have been her main focus. She will often say, ‘Mom, when I get on the T.V. show Cupcake Wars …. You can be my assistant!’.  Too funny.


At 7 years old, she came to me and said ‘Mom,  I would like to buy a Kitchen Aid Mixer!’.

At first, I said what every fugal mom would say, and that was ‘Wow, I don’t know about that, it’s way too expensive!‘……. and then I caught myself.  I just answered her in a way that was short, and I didn’t even give her an opportunity. That could’ve crushed a hope and desire in her right there.

Normally I hear of 7-8 year olds wanting to buy barbies or dress up clothes. But this young girl had her eyes set on a $400 mixer.

I knew she was serious!!

I went back to her, and first apologized, then I told her that if this was something that was very important to her and  she was willing to take on…… then I would help her do this!  Her eyes got as big as saucers,  and we sat down and wrote out a plan.

Since I became a parent, Ive have recieved some wonderful advice and insight on building a child up by believing in them and encouraging them to dream. Dreaming with them that they can be or do anything God wants them to. I never want them to feel limited, or bound.

Who knows what a ‘little dream’ can manifest into.

Sure enough, this little girl started making cupcakes, practicing her icing and selling them.


The orders came in and she worked hard!

There were a few times when she became tired, she made mistakes and even thought about giving up…… she did her school work, and then went right to baking cupcakes. But the picture of the mixer, and her big dream kept her going. She had a goal, and her determination astounded me. She told me ….

‘ Mom, when I own a bakery one day, I want to be able to help people!  Maybe I can have cancer patients or kids with disabilities in the bakery to decorate, or I teach them how to make cupcakes.’

*Keep dreaming daughter – God can use your heart no matter what the skill!  Show Jesus in all that do*

What I thought would take a year to earn her money…… she earned enough money to buy her mixer in 2 months!  And the day came when we went to the store, and a little 8 yr old girl put her zip lock baggie on the counter full of money to buy that appliance.

Every. Single. Dollar.

I can’t say I had dry eyes.

She did it!

And here it is …..


Whether she goes on to own the biggest cupcake bakery in the country, or she becomes a wife and mom who can bless her family with outstanding baking. Either one – I will be proud, feed into her dream and encourage her every step of the way!

Thank you to everyone who ordered cupcakes, encouraged her and ‘tipped’ her! You helped make this big goal possible.  She’s already thinking of her next projects and missions.

Keep dreaming with your kids!  Help them to persevere and not give up on what their heart is set on doing.

Happy Parenting!

1 thought on “The Kitchen Aid Mixer

  1. Hi Kaitlyn,
    Thanks for sharing this story.
    I am so proud of Miss Sophia and wow that is a beautiful kitchen Aid mixer.

    Looking forward to hearing many great stories like these and learning from it.

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