The ‘Child – Centred’ Family

It’s my pleasure to have  one of my Pastors guest post on Homemakers Heart today!!
Joanne Leach, wife of Pastor Bob Leach, is an incredible example and inspiration to so many around her. Her wisdom and knowledge in matters of faith and parenting astound me. She blogs over at FLAVOURS
– I hope you enjoy this little ‘tidbit’ of wisdom today.
Bob and I were recently watching ‘Property Brothers’ (awesome show, if you haven’t seen it!) where two brothers, (one a real estate agent and the other a contractor) help people buy and renovate homes.  In this case, the couple had three out of control children.  We then looked at each other jokingly and said ‘child-centred family’.
Some parents let children change the whole direction and focus of their lives.  I’ve met people who ‘can’t’ go to an event because Johnny MUST have a nap at that time, or who can’t eat in restaurants anymore (because the child is out of control), or basically can’t live a normal life once children came along.
Yes, kiddies change your life.  No denying that!  But I’m thankful that early on I was taught that children are a ‘welcome addition’ to the family, and they join with us on the journey.  The picture of a healthy family is mom and dad and all the kids going in the same direction.  Maybe the journey is slower, but it’s a journey nonetheless.
The child-centred family is depicted by a circle, with mom and dad on the outside facing in, and all the children (even if there’s only one!) in the middle.  The child has now become the centre or the focus.  Everything revolves around them.
The problem with the second model is that it sends some wrong messages to children, such as –
1.  You are the reason we exist (we were actually enjoying a great life before you came along, thanks!)
2.  You control where we go and what we do (insanity)
3.  It’s all about you (what a rude awakening they will have later on in life!!!)
I believe strongly that if children are lovingly and consistently disciplined, they are a joy and pleasure to be around, and you can take them anywhere.  In fact, you want to take them with you because the journey is more fun with them!!!!
Now, it’s fun with well behaved ‘granchillins’ !!!   Joey’s waiting impatiently for NaRoma pizza!