A Peaceful Home

I remember coming home one day as a young teenager, after a long, hard and frankly embarrassing day at high school, to a wonderful thing.

It wasn’t a gift, or a pet, or my favourite food.  But, it was the safety and security of a stable home and peaceful atmosphere.

I still remember the smell of my home then.  My mom must have just made some cookies and maybe washed the floor,  whatever it was, it was nice ….. and it put peace in my heart.

cookies 2

Now that I am a mom, I desire to create that same peaceful atmosphere, and even set a new standard in my home. I want my kids and my husband to LOVE coming home, and know that as soon as they get there, they feel joy. That their home is a place of shelter, and a place where God is honored. A place where they feel safe and secure.

As the woman of my home, I believe it’s my job to set the tone, and atmosphere in our house.  This doesn’t always come easy, and believe me, there has been days, where I know things have gotten off to a rough start ….. mostly because of me!.

But, I do make a conscious effort everyday to set the right tone, and make sure the atmosphere in my home is God honoring.

Here are a few things I do to set a peaceful atmosphere in my home.

1. PRAY  – Meeting with my Saviour daily in the most important thing I do!!  Praying about the wife and mother I am called to be, is key.  Without His guidance and grace… I’m a mess.

2. KEEPING MY HOUSE CLEAN  –  This is a big one.  Having our home in order, keeping it neat, and de-cluttered makes a HUGE difference.  I not an expert on organization (even though I wish to be)  but, I try my best to put order in our home.

3. SPEAK LIFE!  – Speaking with joy and calmness sets an amazing tone. Life can be loud and busy …. but speaking with peace and gentleness calms everything down. Strife, anger and loudness can make for a crazy house, but watching what you say and how you say it, can make a huge difference!

4. BAKE –  This is one of my favourites!  those of you who know me, are smiling right now.  Just the smell of baking can make you feel happy and cozy.  I know it does for me!.  Bake some cookies, pour a cup a tea, and enjoy them with your kids!

5. EAT TOGETHER – Slow down, sit at the table together and enjoy your family. Spend that precious time talking, and smiling at your kids and husband.

6. LIGHT SOME CANDLES –  This is always a nice touch, especially the scented ones. My daughter was the one who mentioned this one …. she says she loves it!.

soy_candlesThese are just a few of the many things I try to do, to set a peaceful and good tone in my home.  It’s important, your kids grow up fast, and you want them  to remember these beautiful days.