More Than Just A Room

A few weeks ago, I posted about the up coming school year, and our re-do of the homeschool room. As promised, here is our ‘new’ homeschool room, and a little extra from my heart.

Pencil Box

We started off with a new coat of paint! Thanks to my husband and wonderful father in law. It’s now brighter and happier in there. It’s amazing what a simple coat of paint does.

We then re-arranged the furniture in a way to create two separate spaces. A school area, and a computer/T.V. area.

separate space

I took a morning and made my way to IKEA. We purchased some fun storage shelves, adding some colour always grabs the kids attention.

homeschool room 1

We re-arranged the charts and posters on our wall, and even put up some inexpensive white boards (which I highly recommend to do). More things will go up on the walls as the year goes on – goals, maps and bible verses to start.

homeschool room 2



We find that if we do something to switch things up a bit in our school room each year, our children respond to school better. Just a simple flip of the furniture or change of wall decor can do so much for the area.

homeschool work

But after all the work was done to make a fresh space, after all the paint was dry, furniture placed and books out, I realized that this area was more than just a room.

I realized that this space is filled with my little ones each day in order that I may educate them, train them, love them unconditionally and influence them towards the Lord.

This space will be filled with knowledge, fun, encouragement, creativity,and most of all LOVE – yes….. lots of love!  I have an opportunity to pour into our children in such a unique and awesome way

Yes, I can get excited about a room…….. but it is what’s  going ON inside that room that matters. Allowing myself to be ‘stirred up’ as I teach our children the word of God……

 2 Tim 1:6 This being so, I want to remind you to stir into flame the strength and boldness[a]that is in you, that entered into you when I laid my hands upon your head and blessed you. 

We can get excited about what’s going on inside our homes!  Whether it’s a homeschool room, or your dinner table, you have a chance to transform any room in your home into something more.

7 thoughts on “More Than Just A Room

  1. Every year I think I’m going to give my school room a face lift over the summer, and every year we start school with the same old walls, lol. Nice job! I agree it’s so much more than a room.

  2. I love your room! After graduating my last daughter 2 years ago, it was weird taking down the maps and white boards and reclaiming bookshelves for “my” books again and turning the dining room into a dining room. ha. Enjoy this time with your children. It’s so precious!

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