Snack Crafts!

It’s so much fun being creative with little children, and watching their imaginations run!.

When there is anything to do with snacks or crafts….. my children are all over it.

So I found some really neat crafts that we could use as a snack, and everyone is happy. Sometimes, all you need to do, is put out a variety of veggies and fruit and say “go create something!”.  I wanted to share them with you today.

First, put a lot of emphasis on this time with your children, make it fun and let your kids see you excited about time with them.

OWL snacks:

These are so cute! You will need ….. Breton crackers (you can also buy them gluten free), bananas, raisins and/or chocolate chips, cream cheese or peanut butter, whole and slivered almonds.

Put them together to look like these:

Owls 2


Harry eating

For the harvest season, we chose to do these cute and yummy pumpkin pretzels. Just buy some mini pretzels, orange molding chocolate, green or brown candies that you can cut for the stems (we used green gummies, and brown allsorts) and some orange sparkles.  They should turn out like this ….


pumpkin pretzels


P pretzels

If you want to make a healthy fruit snack, then you can try this neat ‘dolphin parfait’.  All you need is bananas, yogurt, granola and grapes!

I cut the bananas in half, and the children just looked at the picture and they created these….


dolphin parfait 1

dolphin parfait 2


dolphin 3


How about making a play dough that your kids can gobble up after!. Here is a great recipe…. Grab 1 Cup peanut butter,  2 tbsp honey, and 1 and 1/4 Cup skim milk powder.

Mix all together and let the children mould and make different shapes. Use cookie cutters and rolling pins to experiment with – when all done….. they can eat them!


Their creations may not be the neatest, or ‘Pinterest picture worthy”….. but they will have a blast creating things with their food. Of course, they will be thrilled to EAT their creation afterwards.

Have fun with your kids!

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