Dreams are a beautiful thing.

Visions and hope for our future, I believe are from God (Jer 29:11)

But what happens when a big dream feels like its not going to happen, or seems to have ‘died’?.  What happens when a dream that was once so vibrant with life, now looks like a dead stump in the ground?



We have to remember, that His ways are different from ours, but His timing is perfect.

The following verse in Job, was read at our church last week. It has now changed the way I look at my dreams and future.

Job 14 : 7-9

“At least there is hope for a tree:
    If it is cut down, it will sprout again,
    and its new shoots will not fail.
Its roots may grow old in the ground
    and its stump die in the soil,
yet at the scent of water it will bud
    and put forth shoots like a plants

Discouragement can make things feel like a dead stump in the ground. Like there is no hope or life left in it.  It can make us feel like a dream has died ….. Well, this verse says that at the simple SCENT of water, IT WILL BUD and put forth shoots like a plant.

Whatever circumstance that you might be facing, believe that there is always hope, always a way out, and that life can sprout again!


God is a LIFE-GIVER! What looks dead to us, God can bring Alive.

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